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Forging Partnerships Between Belgian & Chinese Businesses

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East (Dōng)

As the world gets smaller, people from different cultures are finding more opportunities to meet and share ideas. Learning about other cultures can be a fascinating way to connect with customers and expand, differentiate your business.

West (xī)

We provide tips and tricks you can borrow from other cultures to attract new customers.
We Make A Complex World Simple

Is your company ready to expand to China?

Launching your brand in China can be daunting. We help you discover the real China.

Let’s face it: China’s rise as a consumer economy confirms that the once export-orientated powerhouse is now much more internationally focused, creating ample opportunities for companies looking to expand abroad.

China Connect combines a solid experience of 20+ years and the local knowledge to offer tailor-made advice and solutions.

How do we achieve this?

China Connect has the local knowledge to help you take your first step in China

By cracking the code to enter the Chinese market

Market access. Local distribution networks, buying habits of local consumers and regulatory requirements can make China a difficult market to access and make it difficult to take the first step.

By our extensive network in Belgium and China

Administration, licensing, product approvals and much more laborious operating tasks can leave desks flooded with paperwork. Overcoming the bureaucratic hassle is the biggest challenge to successfully breaking the Chinese market.

By building and developing effective last-lasting partnerships

We invest in choosing the right partners with love and care via open communication and intensive contact with people, your guarantee for business growth and innovation.

By building confidence, trust and creating stability

We tackle governmental challenges for you. Transparency of government procedures can be a chief concern and can impact the appeal of the country. Intellectual property rights is an area that has been notoriously difficult in China.

About China Connect

We combine 20+ years of experience & expert local knowledge





Why Work With Us?

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An account manager will be assigned to your project. Three quality controls will be carried out at the end of every step, a report will be issued before moving on to the next step and the release of the end product: a pre-production inspection, quality control at 10% of the production process and quality control at 80% of the production process.

China Connect guarantees that all suppliers will comply with the set requirements of the customer, regulations of their respective countries and international and EU standards related to their products. Following audits are carried out: code of conduct, production management and quality management.

Cargo shipping services via land, water and air. Express shipping for delivering samples or smaller quantity orders. Door to door service.

We deliver any product on demand through our vast network of trusted partners.

Client Testimonials

What Our Customers Say

Jun is dedicated. Her knowledge and background make her unique in international trade.

Hans van der Woude Owner of TCB Maritime Services

Jun is a great partner on several ambitious projects. She is very focused on situations and outcomes. Jun is a class act and a delight to work with.

Amédée Vermeire Owner of Lithina Real Estate Agency Brussels

Jun's Chinese wisdom and excellent networking skills will help you.

Wu Fenghua Owner of TTF Haute Joaillerie

For me, Jun is the brilliant Gateway to understanding China. Her knowledge of China, in terms of business culture and the complex political landscape, is incredibly valuable and useful. I can not wish for a better guide to understand China.

Bart'd Eyckermans Chairman Of KoMASK
Director at KASKA-DKO

I had the privilege of working with and directly reporting to Jun for several years in Shanghai. Jun's leadership style is best described as transformational, mentors to build organisational capabilities while ensuring all activities are strategically aligned to business objectives and targets. Jun is a very kind, warm lady to work with.

Zoe Xu Director Of China at HRD Antwerp
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