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Launching your brand in China can be daunting. We help you discover the real China.

How Do We Achieve This?

China Connect has the local knowledge to help you take your first step in China

By cracking the code to enter the Chinese market

Market access. Local distribution networks, buying habits of local consumers and regulatory requirements can make China a difficult market to access and make it difficult to take the first step.

By our extensive network in Belgium & China

Administration, licensing, product approvals and much more laborious operating tasks can leave desks flooded with paperwork. Overcoming the bureaucratic hassle is the biggest challenge to successfully breaking the Chinese market.

By building confidence, trust and creating stability

We tackle governmental challenges for you. Transparency of government procedures can be a chief concern and can impact the appeal of the country. Intellectual property rights is an area that has been notoriously difficult in China.

By acting fast and efficient

The struggle with laws and regulations in china is a number one concern. Obtaining the required licenses and permits can be a laborious process. We have the local know-how to tackle bureaucracy.

By building and developing effective long-lasting partnerships

We invest in choosing the right partners with love and care via open communication and intensive contact with people, your guarantee for business growth and innovation.

By conducting market research tailored to your business needs

You will get powerful insights so you can pinpoint expansion opportunities.

By quality control

Many Chinese companies are looking to improve the quality of their products and services so they can sell them abroad. A quality controller guarantees the quality of products.

By our trustworthy local specialist

We are committed to the highest standards of ethics and integrity, with a code of conduct to do business the right way.

By a team of experts at your service 24/7

Professionals with the local knowledge, expertise and language skills you need to make a success of your business.

Client Testimonials

What Our Customers Say

Jun and I are friends and business partners for over twenty years. I know her as flexible and putting her innovative ideas into practice very quickly.

She is a strategic thinker but at the same time keeps a helicopter view and does not lose sight of the bigger picture. Jun is a very target-oriented, and efficient team leader and peoples manager to achieve her goals.

Lin Qiang

President of the Shanghai Diamond Exchange (SDE)

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